Entry #24


2018-02-25 06:37:51 by LockedGaming

I know you are looking at the title and thinking "A VIP Mix??" and my answer to that is "Yes!" I have always wanted to make a VIP mix but I have no idea which one to do. This is why I am leaving it up to you! Which one of the following 2 songs do you want me to make a VIP on?

  1. {LG} - The Party Machine
  2. {LG} - Into The Den

So, which one do you want me to create a VIP on? Comment down below with either "1" or "2"!


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2018-02-25 15:08:41

One Uno Un Please

LockedGaming responds:

OK. :)

The Party Machine - 1
Into The Den - 0