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I have a YouTube channel. I post quite often there. In my spare time I create music and post it up to SoundCloud and Newgrounds.

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LockedGaming's News

Posted by LockedGaming - June 17th, 2018

I am back from my 2 months of not making any music. Today, was the release of my newest track that was in the works for a while now. Galactica!

This track is supposed to sound calm and settling at the beginning and in the middle, but then the drops really spoil that calmness and turns it into semi-mayhem (this was intended. Kind of tricks the listener you know). Then the ending just wraps it all up making you feel like you started and ended in the same position.

Hopefully you all will enjoy this new track. Yes! There are definately some things that I could've done better such as the transitions don't sound as fluent as I would've liked them too. But, thanks for reading (or skimming over).


Posted by LockedGaming - May 14th, 2018

I would like to thank one of my really good friends for making me this brand spankin' new logo!


He also made me the new cover for my new EP called "Error Synopsis".



Posted by LockedGaming - April 29th, 2018

W U S  P O P P I N  J I M B O ?

Posted by LockedGaming - April 2nd, 2018

Just created a new and better Dubstep track (well it came out yesterday but whatever)! Check it out and please send me some feedback.

Posted by LockedGaming - February 25th, 2018

I know you are looking at the title and thinking "A VIP Mix??" and my answer to that is "Yes!" I have always wanted to make a VIP mix but I have no idea which one to do. This is why I am leaving it up to you! Which one of the following 2 songs do you want me to make a VIP on?

  1. {LG} - The Party Machine
  2. {LG} - Into The Den

So, which one do you want me to create a VIP on? Comment down below with either "1" or "2"!

Posted by LockedGaming - February 15th, 2018

I have finally finished my "Mechanics" EP. You can download it FOR FREE here!

Take a listen to the EP with this built in player and download it if you want!

<a href="http://djgamingmusic.bandcamp.com/album/mechanics">Mechanics by LockedGaming</a>


Posted by LockedGaming - February 10th, 2018

Hello everyone! I have created a music YouTube channel. So far, I am only posting songs from only 2 artists and I want to upload songs from others. If you would like me to upload your music, then please DM me with a track you have created on Newgrounds. I will use your Newgrounds username and then the name of the song. You can find my music channel here.

Music YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ZMkGq2EaSPG9O4Wgijd9g

Posted by LockedGaming - January 28th, 2018

Hey everyone! Today I will be giving you all some updates about this Newgrounds account.

  1. There will be many dubstep pieces. I have had many dubstep brainstorms over the past couple months but executing them has been a challenge. I have been testing out growls, synths and basslines for these upcoming projects. Dance music will be coming out soon and many other genres too!
  2. Collabs. I am open to collaborate with others. Just send me a DM and we can begin.

That is about it. Thans for reading. :)

Posted by LockedGaming - January 18th, 2018

Hey everyone! I just uploaded a new track which is a collab between me and XenonMusic (you might be getting annoyed of this name by now but whatever).

It is a dubstep piece and we worked really hard on it. :)

Go give it a listen and tell us what you think. Hopefully you will enjoy it. 

Posted by LockedGaming - January 13th, 2018

Hey all. This is just a very quick message saying thanks for 10 fans! 

I want to give a shoutout to @Ejohnykins. He was my first ever follower and he was the one who begun this amazing journey of gaining new followers and me posting even more tracks.

He makes some phenomenal stuff and deserves a shoutout!

Welp, that is about it for this post. Thanks again for 10 fans / followers! :)