2017-11-09 11:40:20 by LockedGaming

Hey guys! This is just a friendly little update. The song "Eloquent" has now got scrapped because I just coudn't think on what to place after it. It was just a lump of worthless time and effort. So, unfortunately, "Eloquent" will be getting deleted from my laptop. I am in the middle of creating a remix and a new song.

"What will the remix be?" you might ponder. The remix is from the song "Megalovania" from Undertale and I will ad Vocal FX and many other things to make the song seem unique. I also know what you might be thinking. "Why do a remix of 'Megalovania' not some other song?" or "Many others have done this before you so you are basically copying them!" Answer to Quote 1: I like the song Megalovania and I think it might be the easest to remix. Answer to Quote 2: Not necessarily. Only because somebody else has made a remix of the same song does not mean I am copying them. They could've done a 'Classical' remix or an 'Electro Swing' remix. I am making it a Dubstep remix with Vocals not from the original game 'Undertale'.

Thanks for reading. Have any questions? Please comment them and I will make sure to answer it.

Music Tips

2017-10-25 10:50:49 by LockedGaming


I know some of you might question the name of this post but let me explain. I am creating a new song and I want to know some music tips. Here are some things you might want to send:

  1. Notes for catchy or great melodies that is original and not stolen from anyone else's work.
  2. Catchy chords.
  3. Bass tips. Reverb, treble etc.
  4. Want can I do to make my music more enjoyable?

Remember: I use Soundtrap and no other fancy software like Ableton or FL Studio.


Thanks for reading.

Laptop News

2017-10-23 16:40:53 by LockedGaming

Hey everyone. I am back! OK. Here are some news about some things.

  1. My laptop has finally been fixed after 2 or 3 weeks of not posting anything. So, what has been fixed? My laptop was not loading at all it said 'Preparing Automatic Repair' and 'Please Wait' and it never loaded. I left it for a week, didn't load. I turned it off, turned it on, pressed Alt + F10 and then it said 'Please Wait' for an entire week. So, I then sent it in to a computer repair company. We first thought that it was installing multiple big updates at once. Then, we thought it had a virus. Then someone said it had a broken hard-drive and then the computer repair company said that it was because we didn't update Windows constantly. So, I got it back on the 23rd of October 2017 and now I need to update it every 2nd Tuesday every 2 months.
  2. My YouTube channel hasn't had a video posted to it in 3 months. Yikes! Please comment any games you would like me to play so I can start uploading again... otherwise... I will have to upload Geometry Dash videos over and over again. Don't get me wrong, Geometry Dash (I will refer to it as 'GD') is a fun game but I think it will get annoying and repetitive if I do nothing but upload GD content.
  3. I have a Bandcamp! I will start adding my music onto Bandcamp. If I get a PayPal then I will allow people to pay for my music to support me. Eventually, I will add my Bandcamp link into the description of my songs. Stay aware!


Thanks for reading. Have any questions? Please send them too me via comments. I will respond to them as quickly as possible.

As you all are aware (or your not *cough* *cough* check out the one before this) then me and someone who I am working with (stated in the last post) am collabing. Of course this'll take some time. So in the meantime I will be doing this:

  • Creating new songs (might not take as long and might last for 2 minutes)
  • Playing games (because #whynot)
  • Trying to continue with the collab (you know the one)
  • Playing with Soundtrap (I am not fully accquainted with it just yet.)
  • And other things (#whynot)

This will all be done in the space it takes me to finish the collab.



2017-09-22 17:41:01 by LockedGaming

Right now I am doing a collab on a song with 39 Bonnie. He doesn't have a Newgrounds (yet) but I am trying to persuade him to get one.

The song will, of course, be a Dubstep or maybe a Dance song. I might not add any growls (Dubstep growls) at all because I want to see how people might like something that I haven't properly tried before. Of course this might come out in the next few months or so, so please stay tuned.

This collab is really difficult to make since we both go on computers at different times and if someone is away at a specific date. We have tried to stay in touch as much as possible in order for this song to be produced to the best of our ability.

I might not publish a preview because this will be two previews in a row.  :P

Music is life's greatest illusion

~Someone at sometime.

As you might've seen (or not, it depends) I have deleted all my songs off of Newgrounds for a reason. The moment I got onto Newgrounds and I knew how to create music, I started using loops from third parties such as Looplabs and Soundation. I have now deleted ALL of them and I will begin posting music back onto New grounds, but they will take longer. I am still messing around in Soundtrap (by the way, they do have loops but I am not going to use them) so please stand by as this account will have many piano pieces and hardly any dubstep (like I intended to do.) Believe me though, a new song is in the making but I will still mess around in Soundtrap for a while, just to get the hang of things.

What is the genre of your new song?

It will be a piano piece with dubstep drums here and there and some short symbol taps. Possibly I will have to put it down as an "Electronic - Dubstep" song.  :)


How long will it take you to fiddle with the interface of Soundtrap?

I don't know. Maybe a month or so. :/


Thanks for reading this! If you have any questions please put them down in the comments of this post.