2017-09-22 17:41:01 by LockedGaming

Right now I am doing a collab on a song with 39 Bonnie. He doesn't have a Newgrounds (yet) but I am trying to persuade him to get one.

The song will, of course, be a Dubstep or maybe a Dance song. I might not add any growls (Dubstep growls) at all because I want to see how people might like something that I haven't properly tried before. Of course this might come out in the next few months or so, so please stay tuned.

This collab is really difficult to make since we both go on computers at different times and if someone is away at a specific date. We have tried to stay in touch as much as possible in order for this song to be produced to the best of our ability.

I might not publish a preview because this will be two previews in a row.  :P

Music is life's greatest illusion

~Someone at sometime.


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