As you might've seen (or not, it depends) I have deleted all my songs off of Newgrounds for a reason. The moment I got onto Newgrounds and I knew how to create music, I started using loops from third parties such as Looplabs and Soundation. I have now deleted ALL of them and I will begin posting music back onto New grounds, but they will take longer. I am still messing around in Soundtrap (by the way, they do have loops but I am not going to use them) so please stand by as this account will have many piano pieces and hardly any dubstep (like I intended to do.) Believe me though, a new song is in the making but I will still mess around in Soundtrap for a while, just to get the hang of things.

What is the genre of your new song?

It will be a piano piece with dubstep drums here and there and some short symbol taps. Possibly I will have to put it down as an "Electronic - Dubstep" song.  :)


How long will it take you to fiddle with the interface of Soundtrap?

I don't know. Maybe a month or so. :/


Thanks for reading this! If you have any questions please put them down in the comments of this post.